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Stanton Data Center

Dependability, high quality customer support, and security are Huntleigh’s data center service pillars that provide comforting assurance to our customers from the moment they entrust their servers and network to the care of Huntleigh Technology Group.

Huntleigh maintains and operates a highly secured colocation and data center, which is located in downtown El Paso, TX. The data center itself is located on the second floor of a Class-A office building. This robust, hardened data center facility was originally built to serve the needs of a national energy corporation, El Paso Corporation, and most recently the building was purchased as a corporate headquarters, and upgraded by El Paso Electric Company. In addition, El Paso’s natural disaster hazard rate is one of the lowest in the state, placing our data storage center in an ideal, low-risk location.

Our Data Center Services

Huntleigh Technology Group offers data center collocation services: from hosting, to simple administration of your servers, to fully outsourced solutions that include dedicated I.T. professionals. We backup our data center’s capabilities and collocation services with professional, experienced and a highly knowledgeable team of engineers, system administrators, and help desk staff.


Huntleigh Technology Group offers data center collocation services: from rack space, to simple administration of your servers, to fully outsourced solutions that include dedicated I.T. professionals.


Huntleigh Technology Group takes away the burden of having to house, serve, and maintain the files for your websites. Hosting your own data, domain, and emails, can become very expensive overtime.

Data Storage

Huntleigh Technology Group gives clients the ability to scale up fast and efficiently. We understand that data needs can grow quickly. At Huntleigh we can accommodate rapid growth with our fully scalable infrastructure.

Offsite DRC

Huntleigh Technology Group can provide offsite DRC and Data backup implimentation to help in the event of catastrophic data loss or corruption. Never worry about the cost or safety of your data storage again.

Huntleigh's Colocation Features

Our fully equipped Colocation center is perfect for any size business. Let us take care of your data center needs.

Carrier Neutral Uplinks

Huntleigh's Data Center is a carrier neutral facility allowing our clients a more robust and Highly Available uplink.

Redundant Power Feeds

Located in a Class A building Huntleigh's Colocation center has redundant power including UPS and backup generators.

Powerful HVAC Systems

Our data center is outfitted with redundant heating, cooling, and ventallation systems capable of handling any load.

Corporate Data Center Outsourcing

We offer complete Corporate Data Outsourcing solutions to host your Web, application, database servers, manage your tape back-up, and implement and manage your VPN and firewall solutions.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Firewall Services

You can forget about viruses, worms, hackers, terrorists, or disgruntled employees will have a hard time getting past the firewall that’s protecting your network.

Managed VPN Services and Data Encryption

Huntleigh utilizes Military Grade encryption to protect your data from point A to Z. Decrease your security threats of remote communications without increasing your expenses in the process.

Dedicated Rack Space

Huntleigh can provide 1/3, 1/2, and full rack spaces, as well as secured cages and fully enclosed cabinets.

24/7 Data Center Access

Our Colocation center is accecible 24/7 for emergency and after hours maintenance. Contact us to learn more.

Remote Hands Services

Our expert technicians will help with tasks such as server reboot or power cycling and visual trouble shooting.

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Our team of skilled sales and support engineers are here to answer any questions you have.

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